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Human rights are our rights, whatever our abilities


Paris, December 3 2023

On the occasion of the International Day of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the European Region of Disabled People's International  underlines the fundamental principle that human rights are universal, regardless of ability.

We affirm the collective nature of the human community. It is not divided into able-bodied and disabled parts, but stands as a unified entity where diversity and inclusion are paramount.

As representatives of persons with disabilities, we firmly believe that we are the best agents of peace and solidarity. Our unique perspectives and experiences contribute immeasurably to the richness of our global society. 

On this important day, we call for greater recognition, understanding and implementation of the rights of persons with disabilities to promote an inclusive world where everyone can thrive.

The European Region of Disabled Peoples' International remains committed to advancing the cause of disability rights by implementing the CRPD, promoting equality and advocating the importance of unity in diversity. Let us continue to work together towards a future where every individual, regardless of ability, can enjoy their inherent human rights.

In loving memory of our leaders 

Disabled Peoples International (DPI) is a Human rights organization committed to the protectionof the rights of people with disabilities andthe promotion of their full andequal participation in society. Established in 1981, DPI is represented through active membership of national organizations ofdisabled people in over 130countries.

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