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No. Country DPI Europe Members
National Assemblies
Name  Alternate
  1 Albania Albanian National Council of Disabled People (NCDPO) Sinan Taj Alternate contact
  2 Azerbaijan The Society "For International Cooperation of Disabled People of Azerbaijan Davud Rahimov Alternate contact
  3 Belarus Belarussian Society of the Handicapped Vladimir Potapenko Alternate contact
  4 Belgium KVG - Katholieke Vereniging Gehandikapten Pierre Gyselinck
DPI Europe Treasurer
Alternate contact
  5 Bulgaria Union of Disabled People in Bulgaria Krassimir Kocev
Wordl Council Member
  6 Croatia Croation Union of Associations of Persons with Disabilities Marica Miric
DPIE Secretary, World Council Member
Alternate contact
  7 Czech Republic Czech National Disability Council (CNDC) Vaclav Krcsa Alternate contact
  8 Estonia Independent Living Estonia Jaak Vosa  
  9 Finland DPI Finland, National Association of the Disabled c/o Invalidilitt ry/SIU Kalle Konkkolla
World Council Member, Information Officer
Alternate contact
  10 France Groupement  Français des Personnes Handicapees (GFPH) Jean-Luc Simon
DPIE Chairperson, DPI Interim Secretary
  11 Germany ISL E.V. (Interessenvertretung Selbstbestimmt Leven Deutschland, E.V) Dinah Radtke
World Council Member
Alternate contact
  12 Greece Paraplegics Association of Greece Biglas Athanasios  
  13 Hungary National Federation of Disabled Persons' Associations (MEOSZ) Lajos Hegedus
World Council Member
Alternate Contact
  14 Iceland The Organization of Disabled in Iceland OBI Lija Thorteirstottir Alternate contact
  15 Italy DPI Italia Rita Barbuto Alternate contact
  16 Latvia The Latvia Umbrella Body for Disability Organizations - Sustento Gunta Anca Alternate contact
  17 Malta Maltese Council of Disabled Persons Joseph M. Camilleri Alternate contact
  18 Portugal Associacion Portuguesa de Deficie Humberto Santos  
  19 Romania The National Organization of Disabled People in Romania (ONPHR) Francis Simon Alternate contact
  20 Russia All Russian Society of Disabled People Sergey Rotgon Alternate contact Evgeny Bukharov
  21 Slovak Republic Alliance of Organizations of Disabled Peoples Slovakia Katarina Dekankova Alternate contact
  22 Spain Confederacion Coordinadora Estatal de Minusvalidos Fisicos De Espana (COCEMFE) Mario Garcia Sanchez Alternate contact
  23 United Kingdom United Kingdoms Disabled Peoples Council (UKDPC) Jaspas Dhani Alternate contact
Julie Newman
  24 Serbia National Organization of Persons with Disabilities of Serbia Ivanka Jovanovic Alternate contact 
  25 Macedonia Polios Plus - Movement Against Disability Zvonko Shavreski Alternate contact
  26 Turkey Disableds' Education and Solidarity Foundation of Turkey Gorkhan Kurnaz Alternate contact
  27 Ukraine National Assembly of People with Disabilities in Ukraine NAPD Larysa Bayda Alternate contact 
  28 Slovenia YHD Association for the theory and culture of handicap Emil Bohinc Alternate contact