Message from the Interim Chair 

Rachel Kachaje

Interim Chair

The DPI World Council Members for having elected me as the Interim Chair at their extraordinary World Council Meeting which was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from June 28- June 30th 2015, in order to restore the dignity and lost glory of our beloved organization (Disabled People’s International DPI) on the basis of our shared values and principles, which are democracy and mutual support in respect of each one whatever his/her abilities, origin, gender, religion or social appurtenance.

The DPI member BPKS and the people with disabilities from Bangladesh who mobilized their resources to host this meeting in Dhaka within 29 days, I would like to sincerely thank them for having organized everything including food and accommodation for the participants in an efficient manner.

Decided on May 28 and noticed on May 29 and 30 to all the World Council Members elected by the 6 regional Assemblies, this extraordinary meeting is a clear demonstration of our effort and ability to decide, to act and to engage changes. I would like to also acknowledge and commend the World Council Members from 9 countries who made their travel expenses from their own resources, and 10 others who sent their proxies with their proposals for the future of DPI and with 3 who had participated in the discussions through Internet Communications Systems.

This challenge was followed by the adoption of a clear and determined statement and a list of decisions that mark a new future for our dear organization, and an action plan to reaffirm our common values and to lead DPI through to its next World Assembly. DPI will endeavour to lead disabled people around the world to their inclusion in society through lobbying and advocating for the implementation of the UNCRPD and all other international and national instruments for the building of a sustainable, peaceful and better world for all. DPI will ensure transparency and accountability in all its undertakings/dealings.

Rachel Kachaje

Interim Chairperson of DPI   

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