Ending remark, Nagoya Kanda
The chairman of the 6th DPI World Assembly in Sapporo committee

Dear the participants from all over the world:

The Disabled Peoples' International 6th World Assembly in Sapporo, Japan is about to have the ending. I believe that over 3,000 participants from all over the world would have memorable four days in Sapporo.

In this assembly, I think that there were various meetings among you participants. I believe that people shared laughter with each-other and discussed excitedly about issues. I wish the meetings had a meaning for our brighten future.

More than 3000 people gathered in this assembly. In this sense, I would like to say that Disabled peoples' International 6th World Assembly was succeeded. However, whether in a true meaning of the success or the failure will be asked in 10 or 20 years later. When all participants look back on the Assembly in the future, I hope they will talk about memorable four days and congratulate the time for now.

The word "convention on human rights" was talked about here and there. Human rights are not like souvenir someone gives you. I believe that we know that we enable to reach our dream, human rights for all people with disabilities in the world.

Were we able to find anything which was able to be entrusted to companions in the future through this rally? Does the document including "Sapporo declaration" adopted today become a message to the generation in the future? We, individuals, should take a responsibility toward our future for people with disabilities in your countries.

Finally, I thank for the volunteers who supported this assembly and the sponsors. I thank for the all participants from all over the world. Let us meet again four years later.