Living IndependentlyRemarks by David Kilgour
Secretary of State(Asia-Pacific) and MP for Edmonton- Southeast, Canada

DPI is a unique organization that truly "celebrates diversity" and the only disability organization that has as its mandate the basic rights for persons with disabilities.

In 1996, many disabled Canadians faced significant barriers that prohibited full participation in the social and economic life. They lamented public ignorance about disability and the inadequate support for disability organization. Then, they were demanding "full citizenship." 
Government programs that deal with disability must incorporate the individual and particular needs of persons with disability at their very core. We stopped looking at programs designed for people with disabilities in general, and started identifying way to empower individuals with disabilities. They became participants in programs directed at them. Namely, it is a paradigm shift to "independent living. »

Thanks to DPI, independent living movements for Canadians with disabilities have advanced. We're very proud of DPI and will continue to support it.

A United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled Peoples is the product of disabled people's efforts and energy. Canada strongly supports the principles of the proposed convention.
People with disabilities are not heroes. They are no difference than you and me - folks who have many dreams and lots of aspirations. It is very important to create good ties among people and take action. According to old adage, there are three types of people in this world:

Those who make things happen;

Those who watch things happen;

And those who wonder what happened.

God bless you all!