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IDPI is affected by the Rachel Kachaje mourning

We are deeply stunned by the news on that Ms. Rachel Kachaje, DPI-World Chairperson, has passed away.

She was one of the splendid and distinguished leaders of the world disability movement, and enthusiastically committed to realization of the rights of persons with disabilities and full implementation of CRPD. In Malawi, she was appointed as the Minister for Disability and Elderly Affairs in 2013 and directed the country for development of disability policies and improvement of the living of persons with disabilities.

She also had a close relationship with DPI-Japan. She visited Japan for participation into 6thDPI World Assembly in Sapporo in 2002 and JICA training course “Mainstreaming and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in Southern Africa” which was organized by DPI-Japan in 2003, respectively, and shared knowledge and experience of disability movements and empowerment of persons with disabilities in southern Africa. Since then, she occasionally supported DPI-Japan’s activities in and for Africa: For continuation of the JICA training course and launch of the project for the establishment of independent living centers in Africa, she gave us valuable comments and suggestions for the plans, and offered us her networks for implementation. In 2016, after elected as the DPI-World Chairperson, she warmly welcomed the delegates from DPI-Japan at DPI-World Assembly in Cairo, Egypt, and discussed the future of disability movements.

At present situation of COVID-19 pandemic, DPI-World and world disability movements need her strong leadership. The sudden loss of heris too huge to us. But we have to move on with her legacy, and continue our movement for realization of our rights and CRPD. 

May her soul rest in peace. On behalf of members of DPI-Japan, I would like to convey our deep condolences to her family and friends.

September 4, 2020

Midori Hirano

Chairperson of Disabled Peoples’ International Japan Assembly (DPI-Japan)


We express our deep condlecence to Rachel Kachage and her family.

Rachel was a great world DPI chair for more than ten years.

We work together to make CRPD at UN New York head quarter.

Shoji Nakanishi, DPI Asia Pacific Chair


Dear Rachel,

You worried about me a few weeks ago, you were concerned about my silence and now we have to get used to yours.You asked me to take action and to overcome the new barriers built to contain the world pandemic, you plead for us to fulfil the mission our members have entrusted to us, to continue to work for the unity of the movement and to maintain the flame that DPI has ignited to pass it on to future generations.

You left us suddenly, discreetly, noiselessly and without precondition. You were there, with us and for all of us, and suddenly you left, leaving behind thousands of                        orphans around the world.

Dear Rachel, our movement is proud to have had your kind but always determined contributions and, as you liked to say, "lets go and enjoy".

Jean-Luc Simon,DPI EuropeChairperson


As the part of DPI movement from 1998 I wish to express my deep sadness after the death of one of our strong women with disabilities leader.

Rachel Kamchacha Kachajes life has been that of advocating and promoting Human Rights for persons with disabilities. She lived firmly in the present, fighting for the future.

Rachel made a special contribution to the implementation of important documents such as the UN Standard Rules for Equilization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities, the UNCRPD and the SDG' s in many coountries, in Africa and specialy in Malawia.

My condolences to her family and friends.

Marica Mirić


I am really sad that our DPI family which is so deep in my heart is getting poorer now with the passing of Rachel. I m very glad, however, that I had the opportunity to know her and DPI is very proud that it had a leader so capable, brave and ambitious as Rachel. Rachel dedicated her whole life to the issue of disability and what is more important that to empowering disabled people, including women with disabilities. We all can do nothing but to commend Rachel for the powerful work she did for disabled people from Malawi to the international level and continute this work.


4 janv. 2019