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Enough is enough!


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Soon, the World Humanitarian Summit will take place in Istanbul Turkey. In this historic meeting, World leaders are supposed to discuss the crisis situation facing humanity today. DPI believes that this Summit is coming at the right time when the World is facing major challenges and threats.

The different events that are taking place in different regions of the World are giving clear indications that Humanity is facing major challenge concerning our endeavor to achieve a just, compassionate, and Human rights based global civilization. Extremism and the culture of closed identity refusing the “different other” are building ground and turning the World from a global society based on open communication and corporation into a closed system of religious, racial, and ethnic ghettos built on hatred and antagonism towards the “other”.

All atrocities that we have witnessed lately are clear signs that the World is not administered properly. The mass killing in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, France, USA, Nigeria, Mali, and Thailand; the cold murdering of innocent hostages and selling of children and women in Libya, Syria and Iraq, the killing and injuring of two deaf persons and one young man with down syndrome on a military check point in West Bank, the kidnapping of innocent women and children in Nigeria, the human sex trafficking and increasing violence against women, and the exploitation of the plea of innocent people seeking refuge and their death in the sea, are just few examples that “Humanity” seems to have instituted a process of self destruction.

At a time where major achievements have been registered when States agreed on the Social Development Goals 2015-2030 and signed the Paris Climate accord, the global war that is taking place in the Middle East has cost the World so far more than one trillion dollars, half of them is enough to alleviate poverty and make the World less polluted and endangered. It is now evidence that the year 2015 is registered as the year with the worse records in terms of global heating because of pollution, the number of refugees because of the wars and violence in the Middle East, and social and economic inequality where very few rich people control more than 80% of World wealth.

Based on all the above and in meeting its responsibility as a Human rights activist organization, Disabled People International, the largest grass roots global network of persons with disabilities:

- Calls on all leaders meeting in Istanbul to assume their global responsibilityto meet the challenges facing “Humanity” in terms of human disaster, inequality, and the increase of the level of violence, pollution, marginalization, and injustice.

·Appeals all leaders to work to concentrate resources for fighting Humanitycommon enemies in terms of intolerance, discrimination, pollution, diseases, illiteracy, ignorance, and poverty.

·Asks world leaders to address the need for new employment opportunitiesand to invest in researches to find technological solutions accessible to all to world problems instead of producing new lethal weapons and techniques.

·Demands the promotion of the culture of tolerance, accepting of the other, and the most important the respect of the right of every human being for freedom, dignity, and decent life regardless of his/her gender, race, religion, beliefs, color and ability.

Let us call shout loudly:Enough is enough!Let us turn the downfall trend that “Humanity” is going to into a situation of hope and aspiration for a better future for all of us.

This is what persons with disability and DPI are working and fighting for.

17 mai 2016