We all have to be active !

On behalf of Disabled Peoples’ International, I would like to invite you to participate in DPI International Conference: Advancement of the UNCRPD Through the 2030 Agenda – “Leave No-one Behind”.  The Conference is set to take place in Cairo, Egypt on March 19 to 21, 2016. DPI’s International Conference will bring together Members from the grassroots from all over the world, distinguished guests, and stakeholders to foster an exchange of experience between North and South DPO’s” corresponding with the CRPD.

Each person with a disability, and each parent of people with disabilities, who believe in DPI and aspires take part as equal citizens to the progress of the World are invited to join our efforts. All Disabled People Organizations animated by an effective participation of people with disabilities are invited to participate to establish their global organization, make their voices heard, their talents fully recognized, their rights respected and their equal contribution to an ordinary way of working. All those who believe in the human potential of each, whatever his or her abilities, each human rights defender who trust in his or her’s capability to contribute and illuminate the collective knowledge and understanding are welcomed to take part in this fresh start to a Human adventure.

The alternatives we, the people with disabilities, find or build ways to combat the discrimination we live, overcome the barriers we face or find other ways are precious to many; to our peers and their independent life, to their parents, to their assistants, to the professionals, to all person who wants to prepare his growing old and finally to the entire population all over the world who need to understand how to pursue its development with less means and who looks for alternatives. This is the challenge of the next decades you are invited to contribute too.

© DPI 2016